Youtube is the 2nd largest search Engine and largest video disrupter of the world. Story of three boys who lost their jobs because eBay bought PayPal and all three of them lost their jobs

Google CEO said

YouTube Will Be Far Bigger Than TV”

Because an interesting fact in youtube people are the constant creator and also viewer are also people. Tv run by chance rather than you can watch youtube by choice because every person individually handles youtube.

Chad Hurley Steve Chen and Jawed Karim they work together in PayPal. Accidentally they create youtube .they want to share some videos of one’s birthday those days email was unable to transfer the videos.

one more incident has happened when Jawad Karim wants to see the video of Justin Timberlake & Janet Jackson Controversy video. In this video, Justin Timber Lake wear off the dress of Janet Jackson on stage. That was a very sensational situation. Jawed Karim wants to see that video. At that time there was no opportunity to see the vides like we can search now any video .then he thinks on that point. Other two person were also was worried to search the video Sonami .they want to solve the issue of how to share the video

Three of them sit together to solve this issue they create


Problem Solving Product

Initially, they built tune in Hook updating site. In those days Mark Ziker burg also make Hot or not. This effort was not as much success. then they change online streaming platform. They work on that plate form excellently. According to one survey, seventy-seven percent viewer watch one video on youtube 7 more watched. Twenty-two percent viewer comes in youtube to see one video and watch more than fourteen videos

Youtube search Dynamic Algorithm are amazing basically this is the difference between Project vs Platform

So learning in this story is normally all word make project, not plate form. these are the transactional exchange of money and material. this type of business is called the transactional business.


Whats App all these brand are creating the platform. They create an Ecosystem. YouTube is a plate form, not a project. Youtube is an Ecosystem and in this ecosystem, all participants are earning

Youtub find the content creator, content creator find content consumer,content consumer link with the advertiser. Tv ad is expenxive tnen you TUbe ad.mostly big brand are converting on youtube ads because its cheaper . In tv, it’s quite difficult to target the audience. but

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